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Resilience Counseling Services provides a range of services and therapeutic approaches to assist you in cultivating greater wellness in your life and relationships.  We work with ages 6 and older.

Therapy Session

Individual Therapy

Keep yourself and your loved ones well! Our empathic and experienced therapists will provide the highest quality mental health care for all ages. We will meet with you to formulate an appropriate treatment plan based on your unique history, experience, and need.  Individual therapy may consist of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, and/or other evidence-based approaches.  Schedule this service today by calling or texting to set up an appointment.

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Group Therapy

Therapeutic groups are formed and carried out by Resilience Counseling to serve our client and community members.  Please contact us to learn more about our group offerings and schedules.

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One on One Feedback
Charming young woman undergoing electroe

Quantitative Electroencepholagram (qEEG)

Gain greater understanding about underlying brain processes contributing to your symptoms through evidence-based brain-mapping.  This powerful assessment tool, together with other assessments, will provide insight about the functioning of different regions of the brain as well as guidance on how best to intervene to heal.

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Neurofeedback is a low risk and evidence-based intervention that alleviates many mental and behavioral health conditions by strategically targeting and adjusting brain function.  It has proven effective with conditions such as ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, post-trauma symptoms, addiction, and depression, as well as others.

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Holding Hands

Crisis Counseling

Clients receiving services with Resilience Counseling have 24/7 access to a therapist if they are in crisis.  Trained and licensed professionals will assist them in stabilizing and connecting to needed resources.

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Couples Therapy

We are here to help you and your partner through any relationship challenge.  Using therapeutic approaches with a strong research base, such as Emotionally-Focused Therapy and the Gottman method, we can help you find greater satisfaction and connection in your relationship.

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Couples Therapy
Family Unwrapping

Family Therapy

Sometimes family life can present particular challenges.  Our skilled professionals can help you with any family relationship or dynamic that is in need of improvement or repair.

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Virtual Therapy

We are available to provide virtual therapy on a confidential format to Utah residents anywhere in the state.  If the distance is too far, we are facing public health concerns, or you would simply prefer a virtual format, we can meet your needs.

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Virtual Conference
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